Miley Cyrus quits Disney…
June 4, 2008, 9:46 pm
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Teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus recently stated that after the next season of Hannah Montana, she’s done with Disney. She wants to persue a more serious acting career and take on more mature roles. How much more mature can you get after her photos? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Until she does officially quit, all you kids don’t have to worry about your favorite show ending. Hannah Montana still has one more season to air before being canceled.

What’s another show that’s now canceled? Cory in the House. Looks like the show won’t be haing any more new seasons after the rest of the new episodes air.

Apparently, Ashley Tisdale also said that she wants to leave Disney and take on more mature roles in the future.

Why is everyone hating on Disney these days!?!?!

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people r begining not to like because on american idol u gabbed ur butt but i like this pic

Comment by kahleigha

Im so done with miley cyrus she acts twice her age than she is.if you watch when she first started h.m she was much more herself now she thinks because shes hannah montana what the heck i wanna be like everyone else grow up little girl thats the way sluts live shes on her way to slutsdom i sold all her cds i wont have anything to do with her anymore.

Comment by Thesmartone


Comment by AMYA


Comment by AMYA

it’s kind of sad i mean, She isn’t my favorite actress, but you can never go wrong joining disney, but quiting it? Well her career may not go the way she thinks it will after quiting disney, she may never be seen on the screen again (except for reruns) Although Ashley? well she may be better off, cuz she’s already been in a movie in the theater. . . HSM 3

Comment by vampiregirl13

miley how can u do that to all the childrens they dont even know . you just started the show only 1 year ago.why let it go now.thats coor

Comment by alexis

I am very sad she is my fav actress ever….I am 7 old.

Comment by Elizabeth

About time!
She needs to cool her ‘tude
I hope she fails =D

Comment by Kat

ah finally! quit miley quit. and same with assley tisdale. uh, i mean ashley.

Comment by kill zac efron

Why do all these girls hit this age and suddenly its..fuk the kids i wanna be a scandelouse whore and let slutty pics of me leak and leave disney? its like they think they are too good for disney all of a sudden cause they hit their teens.

Comment by swich

No no no! Miley Cyrus can’t quit! And if Ashley Tisdale quits that means no more Suite Life of Zack and Cody! 😦

Comment by Jason

she should leave bcuz disney is full of stuff that poisen lil kids mind she should get a better future but it should be good not bad!!!

Comment by lola

It’s a really good thing that she is leaving Disney…. It’s about time any way and she sucks, I don’t even know why childrens like her. My opinon is that Disney is better off with out it’s little princess!!!! I hope she doesn’t succeed

Comment by Candy

Disney sucks cock.

Comment by Disney sucks

It’s really time for Miley Cyrus to leave Disney- she’s got a few movies to film, and she’s currently taking a break from recording music, but when she resumes her music career, she’ll likely record her brand of country music and leave teen pop behind. Let’s face it, she might’ve recorded some pop songs, but in reality, Miley Cyrus is really a country singer, whether those Disney big shots acknowledge it or not. BTW, she doesn’t need Disney, because her life isn’t built around that studio. As a Warner Bros. fan, I would love to see her come into the same fold as her father Billy Ray’s favorite cartoon character, namely Scooby-Doo. I’m sure the group, Paramore, whom ironically are also from Nashville, would lobby to bring Miley to Warner Bros. Disney has a bad reputation of how they treat their young stars and the impact lingers, long after they leave the studio. Miley understands this, so she’s leaving while she still can. She has her movies to film, but musically speaking, if she signs with Warner Bros., not only will they give her a badly-needed image makeover, but she’ll also have the freedom and flexibility to record her brand of country music, namely with uplifting and positive messages about life and absolutely nothing about relationship drama, beer-drinking, outlaws, etc. When Miley is recording country music, she should also have the freedom to dress in a way that is appropriate for country performers, and no, she doesn’t have to wear cowboy hats or ascots if she isn’t comfortable with it. Miley is a very good performer, and a very underrated country singer, but it’s time for her to part company with Disney. Personally, I would like for Warner Bros. to bring her in.

Comment by Michael

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